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Roleplay and action on board a spaceship



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Sapience is a first-person action RPG that shares a similar aesthetic with games from the early 90s such as Wolfenstein 3D and the legendary Blake Stone from Apogee Software.

Unlike these titles, though, Sapience's playability falls somewhere between a first-person shooter and RPG. On one hand you'll have to face tons of enemies and beat them in a shootout, and on the other manage an inventory and a character index that will allow you to level up your attributes and gain experience.

The adventure is set on a spaceship that, similar to what happens in Doom, becomes infested with alien demons whose main goal is to end the main character's life. Luckily, you'll have a special suit and an arsenal of weapons to stop them.

Sapience is a very fun mix of RPG and action that will surely win over the nostalgics' hearts thanks to its marked retro aesthetic. And it just might end up convincing other players, too, with its more-than-competent mechanics.

The demo only lets you play a fragment of the whole game.

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